1973_______________MOUNTAIN SMOKE______________2023

We are glad you are here!  Check our Calendar Dates link for details.  Please drop by often to see if we're playing somewhere near you!  Look through pictures that chronicle our history:  Six decades of music that has taken twists and turns not unlike old Route 66!  We would like to have your stories and reflections on the group.  We plan to create a journal of the best Smoke stories, (the ones suitable for publication).  You may put them in the comments or email them to us.  Enjoy your stay, but before you leave, please sign the guest book. If you would like to receive performance and CD information, please leave your email address in the area just above. Thanks for stopping by! Mountain Smoke Updated daily!

While you're here, watch the video below of "Airline To Heaven" on our Roads Well Travelled cd that features a slideshow of some of our performances. 



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