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35th Walnut Valley Festival

Stage 2
Roger & Jackie
Tom making sure that Billy & Jimmy are playing the correct parts!
Billy & Jimmy
Walnut Valley Stage 1
At the CD tent
(photos above by Sonda & Gary Bruce).....Armadillo Suicide time!  Our friend Max Boydstun joins us on Stage 2.....(photo by Cherry Kay Clifford)

Through The Years -

Mountain Smoke:  Kenny Davis, Jimmy Gyles, Billy Perry, Hal Clifford, Jackie Mashore, Roger Mashore, Tom Bergman, and Don Funnell
1989 - Paul Morrow, Tom Bergman, Dave Thomason, Kenny Davis(above), Randy Sanders, and Guy Prier
1984 - Randy Sanders, Dave Thomason, Glen Pulley, Kenny Davis, and Tom Bergman
1978 - Don Funnell, Russ Christopher, Randy Sanders, Beverly Eagle, Bruce Eagle, Andy Park, and Kenny Davis
1977 - Russ Christopher, Jimmy Gyles, Hal Clifford, Kenny Davis, Billy Perry, & Don Funnell
1976 - "Lettin' It Slip Away" Album artwork - Regina Harcourt on tambourine
1975 - David Coe, Russ Christopher, Hal Clifford, Bob Cuadrado, Vince Gill, and Jim Wagoner
1975 - "On Blue Ridge" Album cover shot:  Hal Clifford, Russ Christopher, Vince Gill, David Coe, Jim Wagoner, and Bob Cuadrado
This is how it started!  We're not sure about the date - But the dog would be over 230 years old if it were alive today - Russ Christopher, Hal Clifford, George Crenshaw, and Jim Wagoner

Performance Photos

Reunion Show at the Blue Door - August 2006
1977 - At Willie Nelson's Whiskey River - Billy Perry, Hal Clifford, Don Funnell, Jimmy Gyles, John Ford, Russ Christopher, and Kenny Davis
Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter at the White House in 1977...Instruments "behind the back" during Dueling Banjos'
1975 - Cement, OK - David Coe, Jim Wagoner, Vince Gill, Bob Cuadrado, Hal Clifford, and Russ Christopher
1973 - Rusty Swanson, Russ Christopher, Jim Wagoner, Hal Clifford, George Crenshaw, and Richard Linhardt
Greenback Dollar at Alice's Restaurant with Jim Wagoner on guitar and Vince Gill on banjo -
Arlo, Hoyt, Russ on mandolin  and Hal on banjo